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I think it’s safe to say that right now, we not just a nation, but as a world are going through what can be classified as one of the toughest times anyone could have ever imagined. With COVID-19 running rapid, it has caused a lot of what we do naturally and instinctively to come to a screeching halt. Simple pleasures such as going to the movies, taking your kids to the park, or going out to eat are no longer accessible. Even sports, one the world’s best pastimes, are dismantled in an attempt to slow down the spread of this pandemic. Yet, we at the Hoop State Network have been and will continue to bring you the best content for high school basketball and represent North Carolina proudly (in a safe manner of course 😃)

We are more committed than ever to bring you the best we have to offer in terms of basketball content for your viewing pleasure. Here’s our line-up for the spring and summer: 

  • "NEW SOUTH SHOW" - Season 3

  • Coming back at you for the third season, your host Rod Bridgers & Webb Wellman are back in the studio, giving you the raw and uncut latest on all things Basketball - from anything going on in the Hoop State to National news they got you covered.


  • We’re bringing you a brand new series hosted by Anthony Simmons, aka “Hoop State Simmons.” Hoop State Stuff will bring you segments like ‘2 Minute Drip’ where guests have 2 mins to pick out a fit at Capital BTS and ‘Dunk Champs’ where a guest will be mimicking some of the best dunks from previous NBA Dunk Contest. 


  • We're bringing you a brand new series that will be exploring behind the scenes of some of your favorite Hoop State players. You’ll get a chance to go in-depth with some of the players as they discuss everything from family and friends to sneakers and music.


  • We’re reaching in the crate and bringing back an ‘oldie but goodie.’ Every Monday, we’re putting out a mixtape of some of the best and exciting players in the Hoop State. 

  • "2K TUESDAY"

  • Every Tuesday, Hoop State’s Miles “Big Pasta” Masercola will be coming to you LIVE on YouTube, taking on all players in the Hoop State that consider themselves to be ‘nice’ in NBA 2k.


  • Every Wednesday, we’ll be bringing you footage from some of the top trainers in the Hoop State as they share some of their ‘go-to’ drills and workouts.


  • We’re bringing you a new podcast, but this one focuses on the parents. Hosted by Ray Maisonet, aka “Hoop State Ray,” this series will emphasize the parents of top players (past & present) and their journey helping guide their child transition from playing basketball recreationally to being a scholarship athlete or pro. 

  • "EXHIBIT A"’ (Podcast)

  • We’re bringing Hoop State - past, present, and future together. Hosted by Anthony Simmons, aka Hoop State Simmons, this series will have guests (coaches and players) to help bring some of North Carolina’s rich basketball past to the present.


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