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Imagine a stretch of coastline where the sun kisses the sand, and the rhythmic sounds of basketballs hitting the court blend seamlessly with the crashing waves. It's an unlikely marriage of beach bliss and basketball frenzy, a combination that defies convention and thrives on the Outer Banks. If you've ever wondered how such an extraordinary fusion came to be, let me introduce you to Chad Williams, the visionary behind the Good Guys vs Cancer Showcase.

In a world where convincing beachgoers to swap their flip-flops for sneakers is no small feat, Chad Williams has not only achieved this but elevated it to an annual celebration of elite basketball. But beyond the sun-soaked courts and the cheers of the crowd lies a story of passion, dedication, and a community that defies the norms.

Chad's vision for the GGvC has been to create a destination event on the Outer Banks that will provide the local community with an opportunity to see elite basketball teams, and the participating teams with an opportunity to visit a beautiful place and be around amazing people. In a few short years, Coach Williams has turned this event into one of the biggest events on the East Coast, featuring the best teams available from North Carolina and Virginia. For these teams, it is an experience that leaves them wanting more and is the main reason for the high number of repeat visitors.

This event exists because Chad Williams made it happen, and it will continue to thrive because of his unmatched passion and dedication to serving the local Outer Banks community, as well as the greater basketball community. I guarantee you he is already hard at work planning the 2024 team list and match-ups; this man is relentless.

In North Carolina, the John Wall Holiday Invitational is king, but don't sleep on the Good Guys because they are hungry for the throne. Congratulations to Chad Williams — you built it, and they are going to keep coming. Your dad is watching over us, proud, from the best seat in the house.



Webb Wellman

Hoop State Network -- President


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