Welcome to the player profile series, "KNOW ME"

Here is where I will shed some light on some guys in the Hoop State who need more love.First up is Chase Hakerem. He dropped 30 last night, so I thought no better time to tell you guys about him.

If you don’t know Chase already, let me introduce you; Chase is a 5’9 point guard from Leesville Road High School, he’s been on the varsity squad for three years kid is a hooper. His first significant emergence was at the John Wall Holiday Invitational back in 2018 when he dropped 24 on Isaiah Todd’s Trinity team.

Since then, he’s been hooping with some stars like Carter Whitt and Jalen Mcdonald and against stars like Robert Dillingham, Daeshun Ruffin, Eric Van Der Heijden, and more, but this kid always holds his own. At his size, he has to fight a little bit harder than the average guy, and boy does he. If you’re looking for a hustle guy that puts his heart into it, Chase is your man.

Alright, enough fluff and hype, let’s get down to the real reason I’m doing these, to showcase underrated players’ game and style. Here is the Chase Hakerem Player profile:

Height: 5’9

Weight: 150

Position: Combo Guard

Class: 2021 (senior)

247 rank: N/A

Chase is a smaller combo guard who can play both positions well. He played as the two guards to now Wake Forest point guard Carter Whitt for the past two years; he now starts at the point guard position. Offensively his playstyle is unique, somewhat due to his height, slightly due to his ball-handling skills and speed. He scores with many pull up and moving jump shots along with his well-rounded layup package at the rim. He rarely settles for threes unless it’s open, but he converts at a high percentage when choosing to take them. His passing game is excellent, and he is always one of the leaders in the assist column. He usually makes his assists off others’ movements, not his own, which shows his patience and ability to read the floor and defensive tendencies. Despite his height, he is also a great rebounder and is always fighting for it, and he knows how to find the ball and then move it out into transition. On the defensive end, you would think he’s a liability at 5’9, especially when thinking about the change to the next level, however that’s not always the case. He struggles a bit against bigger guards, but he is a ball pest, is excellent at forcing steals and traps, and is a menace to bad ball handlers. Chase is a well-rounded guard that could make noise at the next level given the opportunity.

MaxPreps Profile - Chase Hakerem

That’s all from me for today. If you have a North Carolina hooper who you think deserves more attention, DM us or drop a comment on this tweet.



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