"I don't hate Lebron James." - Rod Bridgers

Let’s start there. I can’t hate a humanitarian. A strong, positive voice for our people. The role model. He gives kids all across the world hope and a belief that they can be anything they want to be in this world. There’s no way I can hate LeBron James.

I hate LeBron James fans.

That's it.

I made the mistake of watching Game 6 with a “diehard Laker fan since last season” and it’s easily one of the worst decisions I’ve made in some time. They make it hard to root for LeBron because when he’s successful it’s all him but when he’s not it’s everyone else but LeBron. Truth is these athletes are human. They’ll have highs and lows. We (myself included) have to learn to appreciate the superstars like LeBron & their greatness. Losing Kobe earlier this year made me realize this. I know it’s the new cliche but we have to give these players their flowers while they’re still here to receive them. We have to stop comparing greats because there’s never going to be a right or wrong answer. It’s too difficult to say who’s the GOAT because all these eras are completely different. If you ask someone who’s in their 50’s or 60’s who’s their GOAT, they’ll probably say Magic, Kareem or Wilt. All those guys dominated their era just like LeBron has.

Congratulations LeBron James on winning your 4th NBA Championship. You’re truly one of the greatest basketball players I’ve ever seen with my own eyes. Regardless what anyone says, I don’t hate you.

I hate LeBron James fans.


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