Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Accountability is the first word that comes to mind when I see Lake Norman Christian.

To say they’ve had a bit of a roller-coaster season is pretty accurate. Saturday night this team took a step in the right direction, and I don’t think they’ll look back.

To come in and take over a team mid-season is difficult. To go in and take over a team loaded with Division 1 talent and the most popular high school kid since Zack Morris is an even more daunting task. Coach Patrick McCarthy has developed a reputation in the HoopState over the years as one of the better coaches, winning many big games with PSB. His mission at LNC was different. His first job there was to save the season.

When the coaching changed happened, there were all types of rumors swirling around about what would happen with star 2023 G Mikey Williams. Will he stay? Will he go back home to California? All credit goes to Coach McCarthy for keeping his team together to finish what they started. His next job was to create a new culture & hold each player on the team accountable.

Ahhh, there’s that word again. Accountability. What this means to me in sports that establishing a good culture on a team means you have to hold every player on the team accountable. No one player can be more significant than the team or the game. In a short time at LNC, Coach McCarthy has done just that & it showed last night.

Mikey Williams is a star, simple. We all know about his massive following. For this team to be successful, he had to buy into Coach McCarthy, and he has. Williams has been on a tear since the coaching change. Late in the game last night, Williams made big shot after big shot to help LNC secure a huge comeback win against a very talented Word Of God team who doesn’t lose at home. Mikey is most definitely the lead singer, but he’s not a one-man-band.

Army commit AJ Allenspach was substantial last night for LNC providing toughness & timely buckets. He led with 21 points. 2023 PG Trey Green is fearless and not afraid of the big moment. He shook off early foul trouble (no referee slander in this blog) to finish with 15 points & several clutch plays. Another 2023 G Joshua Bullock may have been the star of the game. Bullock transferred back to LNC from WOG after seeing limited minutes for the Holy Rams so last night meant a little more to him. Bullock proved that he’s on the shortlist as one of the best on-ball defenders in the state, making life tough on WOG all night. He also hit a huge 3 to tie the game with 2 minutes to go. Joyful Hawkins, Shane Fernald & SUIE commit Jon Kurtas also had big moments for LNC last night.

What we witnessed last night is the Lake Norman Christian team we were expecting to see this season. The win last night is a game I’m not sure they would’ve won a month ago. Bringing in Coach McCarthy was a home run hire. He had a tall task ahead of him, but so far, he’s proving to be the guy, and it’s all because of one thing...





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