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Updated: May 7, 2023

The 2023 Battle for NC hits Rise Indoor Facility in Bermuda Run, North Carolina this weekend (May 5th-7th). Below you'll find all the key links for the event including the schedule with brackets, the live streaming options and where to buy any game played on demand.

LIVE STREAM OPTIONS | all from court 1

8:10PM - BSA Supreme vs Team Trezz - Edwards 17U

10:10AM - Team Curry UAA vs East Carolina Elite 17U

11:20AM - Garner Rd 3SSB vs RDC Lakers 17U

12:30PM - Team Raleigh vs Team Curry UAA 17U

01:40PM - NC Rise vs Garner Rd 3SSB 17U

09:10AM - Team Curry UUA vs Basketpoint USA - MHG [17U Championship Quarterfinal]

11:30AM - Team Curry UAA vs BSA Supreme [17U Semi-Final]

1:50PM - 17U Championship Game

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